Arriving Soon

The following items are on order and arriving soon.  Call Guitar Riot to reserve now.  216.291.7172

Fender Custom Shop:
1953 Telecaster Heavy Relic Butterscotch Blonde
1960 Stratocaster Relic Olympic White
1961 Telecaster Relic Black
1961 Telecaster Relic Olympic White
1963 Jaguar JRNYMN Relic Burgundy Mist
Jeff Beck Stratocaster NOS Surf Green
Eric Clapton Stratocaster JRNYMN Relic 2 Color Burst
LTD Relic HS Strat Aged White
Michael Landau 1963 Stratocaster Relic Fiesta Red
Michael Landau 1968 Stratocaster Relic 3 Color Burst
Postmodern HSS Stratocaster Black
Postmodern Stratocaster 3 Color Burst RW
Ancho Poblano Stratocaster Relic Two Tone Burst
Ancho Poblano Stratocaster Relic Olympic White
LTD ’59 Special Stratocaster Sonic Blue

Friedman Guitars:
Cali Vintage White Hum/Hum Maple Board
Cali Sonic Blue Hum/Hum RW Board
Vintage T Metallic Blue/Tortoise P90/P90 RW Board
Vintage T Black/Parchment Hum/Hum RW Board

OM2H 1-3/4” Nut Torrefied Sitka Top
OM1 Cut PH Pete Huttlinger Signature Model
SJ Maple 1-11/16” Nut
360 LT M Special Burgundy Mist Aged Matching Headstock
I35 LC Jet Black Aged Thro Bak Pickups 60’s neck profile
City Limits Jet Black Aged Thro Bak Pickups

Bluegrass-16 Custom Series