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Elliot Capo Elite 1-3/4" Radius 16"

Elliot Capos in stock at Guitar Riot!

Elite model in polished finish with 1-3/4" width and 16" radius.

The Elite Capo began with some small banjo capo frames Tom McKinney was experimenting with. Tom sent some rough frame examples to Phill, who refined the design and has been producing this model since the mid 1990's. The result of that careful refining process is evident in the Elite capo available today. Crafted for both guitar and banjo, the Elite Capo has a thinner, sleeker profile than other Elliott capos, which some players find more comfortable for the fretting hand. The Elite frame has been narrowed by 1/8" inch.

The Elite Guitar Capo features the exclusive patented Elliott "push button" quick release top-bar locking system combined with the McKinney style saddle. Designed to keep the capo aligned over the fret board, the saddle is padded with genuine leather to protect your instrument's fine finish.

Exclusive "Push Button" top-bar
McKinney style saddle
Sleeker, thinner profiled yoke