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Elliot Capo Integrity 1-3/4" Radius 16"

Elliot Capos in stock at Guitar Riot!

Integrity model 1-3/4" width and 16" radius. Satin finish.

The Integrity Capo is built to the same exacting standards as our other capos. Hand-crafted from satin finished stainless steel, it features the exclusive patented Elliott “push button” locking system, allowing for easy on/off operation.

The Integrity capo also utilizes a long, wide saddle design that cradles the neck of your instrument to keep the capo securely centered over the fret board. The saddle loops on the Integrity capo have a unique look that is more square than the original rounded design. Padded with genuine leather, the saddle seat protects your instrument’s finish.

All components are 303 Stainless Steel
1/4" (.245) wide X 1/8" (.125) thick
Frame body is square on the outside surface
Top Bar
Elliott Push Button quick release
Tygon covered 1/8" x 1/8"
Radius comes standard @ 16" (can adjust to your need)
10/24 thread
Elliott "wrap around" (square looping large saddle)