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Park Amplifiers 1x12 Cab EC Collins Grill Cloth Celestion Creamback 16 ohms

All Park cabinets are made by two of the finest cabinet makers in the US. They are not off-the-shelf cabinets nor are they built by the same guys who build in big quantities for many manufactures. When you buy a Park cabinet you can rest assured knowing that you have a speaker cabinet that is unique, sounds great, is built with the best materials and by the best cabinet builders in the industry.

Park "Little Cab" Top 1x12 16 ohms with EC Collins Grill Cloth (with Celestion G12-65 Creamback M)

21" (W) x 11" (D at top), 9.5" (D at bottom) x 21.75" (H w/feet)

29 lbs.