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Harmony H605 1x8 Tube Combo 5 Watts

H605 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier, 110-120US

Small in size yet big on tone, the Harmony H605 is a compact tube combo amplifier that combines the best amp-building techniques of the past and present into a single neat package. Ideal for bedroom practice and home studios, the H605 stretches the possibilities of what classic and modern sounds can be.

At the heart of the H605 lies a 6L6 power tube and two 12AX7 preamp tubes. This amp delivers 5 watts of warm lows, rich mids and glassy highs through an Italian-made 8" Jensen P8R speaker.

Other key features include a 3-band EQ and a Presence knob for precise tone-shaping adjustments, along with a built-in attenuator that allows the H605 to use its full tonal capability even at lower volumes. Onboard Reverb and Gain Boost are foot-switchable, and a line out jack is also available for direct recording to an external device.



Speaker Jensen P8R, 8” 16Ω
Preamp Tube 2 x 12AX7
Power Amp Tube 1 x 6L6GC
Input Channel 1
Controls Master, Presence, Reverb, Treble, Mid, Bass, Gain (Pull Boost)
Footswitchable Features Boost, Loop, Reverb
Attenuator 5W, 1W, 0.1W, 0W (Silent Recording)
Outputs 2 x Speaker Outputs with Impedance Switch, 1 x Line Out
Effects Loop Yes
Input Power 75W
Output Power 5W
Input Rating 120V 60Hz (US)
Dimensions 19.9" x 16.2" x 10.6" (505 x 412 x 270 mm)
Weight 32 lbs / 14.5 kg