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Park Little Head 18

Guitar Riot is Ohio's only Park Amplifiers dealer!  The all handwired Park Amps from Mitch Colby are incredible sounding with impeccable build quality.  We stock other Park heads and cabs as well.

Most of the other Park amps offered today are recreations of vintage designs. The Park Little Head 18 is something new. While most vintage 18-20 watt tube amps were originally built as lower cost practice amps and cheaper alternatives to professional amps, the Park Little Head 18 is built with the same hand-wired care, high quality parts, tone-full circuit and attention to detail as it’s bigger brothers. The Park Little Head 18 features the same preamp as the Park 45, the same cathode follower driven tone stack (as found in the Fender tweed 4x10 Bassman, high powered tweed Twin and just about every M style amp, originally derived from the Western Electric circuit), a super-variable power amp capable of using a number of octal based power amp tubes and an octal based rectifier tube socket that can use various tube and solid state rectifiers. It is capable of beautiful, sparkling clean tones, overdriven blues from a hint of OD to full-blown OD and classic rock tones; all at a level that won’t blow the doors of your bedroom, studio or small club. Don’t let the size or power rating of the Park Little Head fool you: this is a full featured, big tone, professional guitar amplifier.


  • Full sized power and output transformers (same size as our 45, 50 and 75 amps) for full bodied sound and no compromise in the low end

  • Full power supply with choke for the biggest tone and selectable rectifier (5Y3, GZ34, Solid State plug in) for varied power and feel

  • User selectable output tubes include 6V6, 6L6 and EL34 for changes in tone, feel and power

  • No biasing necessary, just plug and play.

  • Power range from 15 to 23 watts (clean power) depending on choice of rectifier and power tubes

  • Full featured Park preamp with two channels, four inputs, separate volume controls, treble, mid, bass, brightness

  • Post Phase Inverter Master Volume (PPIMV) included for getting your sound at any volume level

  • All hand wired for superior tone, ease of servicing, longest life and best possible reliability

  • Welded aluminum chassis for strength


21" x 8.625" x 9.125" (with feet)


28 lbs