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Victoria 50212 Low Powered Tweed Twin

The 5E8-A 'low power' Twin remains the most coveted 50W tone monster in the history of guitar amplifiers. The transformers are Hi-watt-huge, that means thundering, rock-solid lows with no sag whatsoever, and the smoothest, creamiest highs ever wrapped in tweed. This is our tightest and most percussive amp. A long-time favorite here at Victoria. Turn it up!

50 watts of power

5E84 Type Circuit

Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias

Push/Pull Operation

Standard Speakers: Two American Made 12' Eminence

Standard Covering:  Tweed

Standard Tubes: 1-5AR4, 2-6L6GC, 2-12AX7, 2-12AY7

Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 21” x 24.5” x 10.5”

Weight: 51 lbs