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Reverend Reeves Gabrels Dirtbike Cream

Serial Number: 28995
Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz

We here at Guitar Riot love Reverend Guitars. They have a modern yet classic look and an easy playability across the whole line up. Every Reverend that comes through the door is consistently great! They all feature Korina bodies which make for a very resonant instrument. The Bass Contour is another feature unique to Reverend Guitars. The Bass Contour is passive and allows you to roll off the bass frequencies to optimize pickup voicing on the fly. Great for going from chunky rhythms to cutting leads with ease. Locking tuners and graphite nuts are also common features in the Reverend Guitars lineup. Bottom line is Reverend Guitars are a great balance of quality, price, and features that make for a stage ready instrument!

What i think is cool about this guitar is the fact that i have a whole ongoing story /reason/explanation of always having a no frills simple, fast and blue thing to zip around on that threads thru my whole life. this guitar is a continuation of that sense of freedom in the form of speed and power stripped down to its essentials. and reverend guitars matched the light metallic blue color of both of its two wheeled predecessors. to me a single pickup guitar with a trem is just like my 1966 schwinn stingray with the extension spring on the front wheel or my 1971 honda dirtbike w/the raised front fender and slightly extended fork. it's a guitar with enough agility that it will let you grab air and do wheelies and the power to leave some rubber on the asphalt in front of the neighbor’s house. and, really, that's all you need. did i mention it's blue? -Reeves Gabrels

We design our own proprietary custom pickups, to achieve the best tonal match with our instruments. Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching.

Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. Often found in boutique and vintage instruments, all Reverends feature Korina bodies. A highly resonant wood, Korina is a key factor to producing our lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics.

This passive bass roll-off is great for tightening up the low end, or re-voicing the pickups. It can make a humbucker sound like a single-coil, or give a P-90 that classic twang. Variable pickup voicing at your fingertips!

A thumbwheel under the tuner pushes a steel pin up through the post, locking the string in place for exceptional tuning stability and super-fast string changes. Also, the posts are custom height, eliminating the need for a second string tree.

Features include saddles that lock to the baseplate, adjustable arm swing tension, and a push-in/no freeplay arm. Combined with our graphite nut and pin-lock tuners, it stays in tune even under aggressive whammy action.

Our dual action rod adjusts in both directions, allowing back bow or forward bow. This assures correct adjustment range is possible regardless of string tension, extreme climate conditions, or the effects of long term aging. It’s also located at the headstock for easy access.

We use "Boneite," a synthetic bone nut, that is more consistent than natural bone, on all Reverend instruments. It reduces friction, allowing the strings to slide through the nut slots smoothly, improving tuning stability.

BODY: Korina Solidbody
PICKUPS: Railhammer Reeves Gabrels Signature
BRIDGE: Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo
NECK: Three-Piece Korina
SCALE: 24 3/4"
FINGERBOARD: Blackwood Tek - 12" Radius
FRETS: 22 Jumbo
TRUSS ROD: Dual Action - Headstock Access
TUNERS:Reverend Pin-Lock
NUT:43mm Width - Boneite
CONTROLS: volume, tone, bass contour, 3-way.
STRINGS: 10-46
CASE: Two-Toned Teardrop (Available Separately)