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Del Rey Custom Shop Fuzz Mite

Fuzz Mite
Germanium Version 


The FUZZ mite Germanium version is my well known tribute to possibly the rawest nastiest fuzz of them all, the Germanium version of the Mosrite FUZZrite. Originals are extremely rare. There were supposedly, only 200 made. Using an original unit as reference, I have carefully and faithfully recreated it for you in my custom compact trapezoidal enclosure. I use correct spec, matched  transistors, to replicate the tone the rare Germanium version of the Fuzz rite is famous for. If you want something on your pedal board that nails the Ventures, Davie Allan, Spaghetti Western and Acid Fuzz vibe this is a great choice. Even better, you get a DC jack to daisy chain this Germanium Fuzz with your other pedals, in standard polarity!