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Epiphone Triumph 1931 15.5" Archtop

Weight: 4 lbs 12 oz
Neck depth 1st fret: .91"
Neck depth 9th fret: 1.06"

1931 Epiphone Triumph just in!  This is a great playing and excellent sounding example of this ladder braced 15.5" archtop.  Neck angle and relief are spot on.  This has obviously been played over the last 93 years and is in solid player's condition.  Here's a rundown of what we have determined.  The tailpiece looks to be German (Hofner?) and the tuners appear to be Grovers from the 1940s.  The fretboard was planed at some point and the frets were replaced.  The frets have wear under the E, B, and G strings up to around the 10th fret.  This does not affect playability or sound.  The bridge appears to be original, but has a few added string slots.  There is a plug on the side of the body where a 1/4" jack was mounted at one point.  This can be removed if a jack is added again.  There is general overspray especially on the neck.  This looks like it was professionally done along the way.  The case is an Epiphone make from the 1940s and is for a 17" archtop.  It is functional, but does have a seam split along the neck area.  We will pack it out accordingly for safe shipping.  Overall there is finish checking, dents, dings, chips...normal play wear for a 93 year old instrument (see pics).  This has a great patina overall with the sound and playability to match.  Please message with any questions.